Disinfection and Prevention Products

Commercial Use Products Including a Range of UVC Systems Including Cost Saving Disinfectant Generators.  

Mx9 Wand

Portable, Commercial Use, UVC Light Sterilizer

UVC 254nm Single Germicidal Bulb, Battery Operated - For Large Scale Commercial Applications.

Mx Pyramid

Portable, Popular, Multi-Use, UVC Sterilizer

UVC Germicidal LED, 2-in-1 Pyramid & Box Combo, Magnetic Latch Activated USB Rechargeable Battery.


Multi-Use, Compact & Easy Disinfection Box

UVC 254nm Germicidal Single Bulb with Ozone Tech, UV & Dry Features, Suitable for All Disinfection Applications.

Money Box

Commercial Use, Bank Note Disinfection Box & Odor Remover

UVC 254nm Germicidal Bulb with Separate High Capacity Ozone Generator, Designed for Bank Notes, Cash Points & Banks.


Commercial Use, High Capacity Disinfectant Maker

1.5Lt Sodium Hypochlorite (NACIO) Generator, (Commercial Bleach), 10Lt/HrCapacity, for Floors, Kitchens & WCs.
In 20 minutes it will do 2liters.
Clorox alike.

HypoPlus Eco

Commercial Use, Eco-Friendly Disinfectant Maker

UVC 254nm Single Germicidal Bulb, Battery Operated - For Large Scale CommercialApplications


Portable, UVC Sterilizer Robot - Beds & Flat Surfaces

Dual UVC 254nm Germicidal Bulbs, Autonomous Movement, 5 Sensors, Built-in USB Rechargeable Battery.


Delivery Bike Box Sterilizing System, Commercial Use, Safe & Easy, USB Powered

Dual UVC Germicidal LED (20 pieces) with Adjustable Timer & Intensity Modes for In-transit Package Sterilization Inside Delivery Bike Boxes.

Delivery Bike KIT

Smart UVC with installation kit

Delivery Bike Kit with Installation of Kit, Fittings and Mx Power bank.

Cutlery UVC

Portable, Dual Power, Intelligent Cutlery Sterilizer

UVC 254 Single Germicidal LED, Dual Solar/ Rechargeable Li-Battery with USB Charge Feature.